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This site was built first time as a source of information and a place of discussions for Indonesian Muslims. Our mission is to be a website where Islamic readings are easily accessible in the online world. While reporting stories (international ones especially) and dawah are our effort in building an Islamic network amid the growing Islamic communities in Indonesia.

the Islamweb.site is dedicated to reporting Islamic news and providing a portal where Indonesian Muslims can discuss all their problems and issues with one another. 

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Have you ever felt nervous or anxious as if something was weighing on your heart? Sometimes, maybe you can’t sleep well. You wake up every morning in a hurry, feeling frustrated, and without the motivation to go to school or work. Has something like that happened to you, my friend? Well if so, has Islam ever helped you through situations like that? Well I’m sure, if recently you’ve had a surge of spirit running through your vein, you laughed, or even cried … I’m sure it’s thanks to Islam. Because in my personal case, the religion of Allah can change the state of one’s heart.

Every time we read the Koran or pray five times each day, we find times where our minds can forget everything, and manage to escape the endless cycle of stress in our everyday lives. There is no longer much to think about, these times are the moments where our hearts can enjoy the closeness with Allah, so much closer than we all can think, cannot be explained. Subhanallah! It is as if Allah embraces us Himself!

That is the mercy given down by Allah. Islam is not just a religion, but also a way of life, a reference to every aspect of our life. As the manager of this website, I will continue to try to improve the quality and quantity of our site so that one day it will satisfy your longing for Islamic information, which God willing, will help make your life more complete. Insha-Allah.

Thank you for visiting our little site 👋🏽 stay tuned for our latest articles!

Farras (writer of the message above) is a blogger and the lead author of the Islamweb.site. Which with very little experience of writing and composing content, he is so far the only administrator behind our little website; he’s been spending his weekends trying to make the best of our little website, and with passion for learning and sharing knowledge, this is also his way of reporting on news and analyzing events that happen to the Islamic world.

Curious about the other writers behind our little website? Please visit the editorial page!

/ /   w h a t   w e   d o .   🚀 

With an archive that has continued to grow since the first day the website was created (1 Ramadan 2020), the Islamweb.site is now known as a website that provides daily Islamic related news. Our main goal and mission is to spread Islamic culture through the internet; write about entertainment, language, tourist attractions and various holy sites, as well ass various Islamic customs and culture that cover all aspects of human life. And going forward, we want to expand our limitations by conveying more transparent Islamic related opinions and point of views, making discussions that are more relevant, and discussing topics that insha-Allah will benefit our readers.

We are aware that many of the points we mentioned above are still far from our reach, but our small site will keep trying to present the best content we can give, and sharing the news as completely as we can; and generally offering our best journalism experiences as an Islamic website. WE hope that you can appreciate everything we write here. We admire you and anyone else who is able to proudly maintain their Islamic belief and faith, so that having our site accessed by you is one of the joys we are grateful for every day 💝 … thank you for being our readers; Jazakallahu khayran katsiran!

/ /   I s l a m i c   n e w s .   📰 

Since our main goal is not to show ads and money out of it, the way we compose our reports and stories is a bit different from most other news sites. We prefer to compile our articles densely without dividing them into several pieces if not necessary. This is also the main reason why many reports and stories ended up here as a very long article to read. In other words, we want the content we write and publish has more value in terms of quality than quantity. This is one of the main characteristics that differentiates our small site from other Islamic websites.

Apart from that, another positive thing that shows the distinctiveness of our website if it compared to most news sites in Indonesia is our focus, which is to publish reports and stories from around the world, and not just about what’s happening in Indonesia. This focus has been decided since the inception of the Islamweb.site, since there are not many news sources here in Indonesia that are reporting on the situation on Muslims outside of the country. While in fact, there are countless stories and incidents abroad we could discuss from our Islamic point of view.


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/ /   d i s c u s s i o n   c o l u m n .   🧠 

The column of discussions is where we write other things that are not necessarily news, such as Q+A and personal opinions. In addition to that, the column of discussions is also a category that is filled with various essays and articles that emphasize the basis of dawah and education. Apart from offering a place for discussions, this category is also a place where the writer of the Islamweb.site can share their own views and opinions on something happening in their Muslim world.

One example of the type of content contained in the column of discussions is Islamic questions and answers, which are readings that offer academic advice and answers based on the Islamic religious laws, namely the al-Quran and as-Sunnah. In a manner that is adequate and easy to understand, we welcome questions from everyone, whether you are a Muslim or not; on a religious matter, social problems, to even psychological issues that weigh on one’s heart.


+ here are the last 10 entries under the discussion column category: … 

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? ? ?   what should i read? guide me, please!   🚀 

As writers and administrators of a website, we often face a problem, there’s a wall that stands before us that is holding back our productivity zone, and this happens very often; sometimes our bodies are so hard to push to do anything, the point where it feels like there’s no content worth creating. But the good thing is that most days are productive days, where publishing just one story isn’t enough to end the day just yet.

In those days, farras for one —of the main writers here— spent his time bringing ideas to life and achieving the vision of developing our little website, bit by bit. And the one type of way in developing the Islamweb.site is by writing articles and sharing knowledge other than through news and stories that recently just happened.

+ below are some recommendations for those of you who like to read: …

  • 30 juz before Eid al-Adha   📝
    We all know that there are no books or writings on the internet that could represent the revelation of Allah; however, it doesn’t hurt to take some of the main points from the Koran and share them with those in need. Here, there are 30 writings marked with the tag “30 juz before Eid al-Adha” which is a summary of each juz contained in the Koran.
    Now, every article in this series is a countdown from each day before the arrival of Eid al-Adha in 2020, hence the tag name. But other than that, this holiday also marks exactly three months of the Islamweb.site‘s anniversary … and not only that, all these 30 posts are also the first collection that is labeled as special program.

  • the greatest human being of all time   ✨ 
    This article discusses none other than the Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam). In the first part, this article begins our discussion with the award given by Michael Hart —an astrophysicist who wrote the 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History, namely a book in which the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was ranked first on the list. Whereas in the second part of the posts, we discuss more deeply about the morals and characteristics of our guidance, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), in carrying out his daily life.

? ? ?   can i pitch a story to the Islamweb.site?   📄 

Yup! In general, we welcome any suggestions our readers submit. Have a good idea that you think can be used as a source and writing material? In fact, not only giving suggestions, for those of you who have a talent for writing, have dreams of delivering dawah, and want to work with us in spreading the dawah … we are ready and happy to collaborate.

For the complete information about this, please visit the pitch a story page!

? ? ?   how can i support the website?   💙 

On behalf of every writer on this site, our lead editor, farras, said that he would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of you, as readers; thank you for being faithful in accompanying our journey. I don’t know how long it has been since this paragraph was written, until now that you’re reading it. To be honest, this site would not have been able to develop up to this point if it weren’t because of nerds like you who read it every day. 🙏🏽 Jazakallahu khayran katsiran!

There are many ways to support the Islamweb.site, and the main support that accompanies every development of our site is through donations. For you who have excess sustenance and intend to spend it, we welcome donations in order to support the management and development of every service provided by us. And on this opportunity, we also want to assure you that your contribution will be put to the best possible use. Insha-Allah.

For more information about this, please visit the donation page!

Not only that, but you can also help us by sharing what you read, hear, and find on our site to anyone and communities around you, be it your followers on social media, friends, family, and everyone you know (seriously, everyone 😜) so they can also read what you just read, listen to what you listened to..,..

And lastly, we highly recommend you hit the like button and write your comments in each of our posts and articles. This is very helpful for our site in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The point is, the interaction that you make in each of our articles will keep our site relevant in the eyes of Google, and that way our site will be more easily found by the common people across the internet. Cool, right?

Regardless of the shape and which way you send it; every support, every click, every read, every comment, every friend that you refer to our site … once again we thank you, jazakallahu khayran katsiran! In fact, your support is one of the main blessings of which we are grateful for every day!

? ? ?   what are some other great content/blogs/websites?   🧃 

  • The Justice Mirror
    This one is owned by a blogger friend named Atul in India. His blog is made for anyone who can read English, and what in it are quality content, where he discusses the state of society and government, law and order, religion, history, and even philosophy. As the name of the blog, he often shows boldly and transparent the many injustices that befall various groups of people around the world.

  • Islam Question & Answer
    This one website is the go-to for an encyclopedia of Islamic knowledge. Inside is a library filled with Islamic questions and answers, discussing sharia and day to day issues based on the Koran and Sunnah. If you are still not satisfied with the Islamic questions and answers provided by the Islamweb.site, then this library will probably satisfy your curiosity of Islam even more!

  • Daud Kim
    Daud Kim is a Youtuber from Korea who in September 2019 said the two sentences of the shahada, and officially embraced Islam. On his YouTube channel, he creates a lot of Islamic content as a convert to Islam. It feels refreshing every time we watch the world of Islam from the point of view of those who are exploring it for the first time. His creative content varies from social experiments, some interesting reactions, interviews, to Islamic pieces of knowledge.

  • Nas Daily
    Nuseir Yassin is famous as a blogger and vlogger. He was born in Arraba, Israel. He is a creative Muslim, a graduate of Harvard University, and counted in 2020, aka at the age of 28, his net worth has peaked at more than $2 million. His content is not specifically made for those who are Muslim, but he is one of the public figures who does not hesitate to give his voice and opinion on the situation of Muslims around the world, especially regarding the conflict between Israel and Palestine.
    Nas Daily is active on various platforms, keeps posting videos on YouTube, provides online courses, doesn’t hesitate to share his personal opinions on his podcast channel —even about racism and the oppression of Palestinians— and so on. For us personally, his role in the online world is one of the inspirations to keep moving ahead, to keep going forward, to keep the spirit of building the Islamweb.site, and that we can succeed too. Insha-Allah.